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3:42 am

18 Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS Social Media Marketing

Did you know that 90% of all marketers say social media marketing has increased their business exposure? Or that 66% of marketers that spend at least 6 hours on social per week have seen more leads? No matter what you sell and who you sell it to, using social media as a marketing tool can[continue...]

3:47 pm

WPA2 KRACK Attack Threatens All Wi-Fi Networks

UPDATE: Apple has patched iOS against the KRACK attack. More details below. UPDATE: Some companies have begun to respond to KRACK, issuing patches — or deferring action until later. We've compiled available information for updating routers in a new article. A severe flaw in the encryption protocols used by nearly all modern Wi-Fi networks could[continue...]

7:25 am

Why is Engintron a better solution compared to other Nginx installers for cPanel

There are 8 key differences when comparing Engintron with other Nginx installers for cPanel.First and foremost, caching actually works with Engintron. It works as it should and it works universally. You install it and ALL your cPanel websites will get accelerated, even the slowest ones. Not only that, your serving capacity will increase tremendously. Simple[continue...]

8:05 am

Removing “On Behalf Of” from emails in Outlook sent by PHP and Sendmail in cPanel / EXIM

In the EXIM Configuration Manager - Basic Editor if you change the Set SMTP Sender: headers to ON it will pass an -f flag to Sendmail that will create “On behalf of” notices in Microsoft® Outlook, and can also help track abuse of the mail system since recipients will see the SMTP login used to[continue...]

6:42 am

Top Alternative Buy and Sell Classified Ads Philippines

1. http://www.juantambayan.com 2. mybenta.com 3. pinoydeal.ph 4. sulit.ph 5. klikdito.ph 6. eguide.ph 7. buyandsellph.com 8. sulitpinas.com 9. postad.ph

11:00 am

.PH Domain TLD is now Available at PhilWebDev

With the number of .PH sites hosted on our servers going up every day, it should come as no surprise that .PH is now part your portfolio of domain names. .PH, the official TLD for the Republic of Philippines, is an excellent choice for Philippine residents and businesses, as well as for international businesses that[continue...]

12:08 am

Bash specially-crafted environment variables code injection attack

Update 2014-09-26 12:00 UTC We have written a FAQ to address some of the more common questions seen regarding the recent bash issues. Frequently Asked Questions about the Shellshock Bash flaws Update 2014-09-26 02:20 UTC Red Hat has released patched versions of Bash that fix CVE-2014-7169.  Information regarding these updates can be found in the[continue...]

4:13 am

How to protect yourself from the ‘Heartbleed’ bug

Codenomicon/CNETA major new security vulnerability dubbed Heartbleed was disclosed Monday night with severe implications for the entire Web. The bug can scrape a server's memory, where sensitive user data is stored, including private data such as usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers. See also: The Heartbleed bug -- what you need to know (FAQ) It's an extremely[continue...]

7:30 pm

Free Online HTML Form Builders

You hardly think about the work that goes into building a form, but if you own a site, service or product, the form is an important tool to have when you are gathering crowd intelligence. Online forms are not really that hard to make, but if you want to build a nice-looking, functional form, yet[continue...]

3:41 pm

Bring Your Small Business Online

Building an online presence from the ground up can be very intimidating for small businesses. Creating a Facebook page and Twitter account and calling it a day just doesn’t cut it in today’s competitive business world. Check out the following points on building an online presence for your own small business. Invest in a professional[continue...]