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9:37 pm

How blogging can help small businesses

Blogging is a great way for small businesses to engage their customers and website visitors and help improve their SEO. Not only does blogging improve your SEO by creating unique content which is loved by Google and Bing,  it also helps with consumer engagement and sharability across social networks. Blogging can be one of the most[continue...]

6:24 pm

The top 5 SEO myths debunked

SEO Myth 1 – The more times you repeat the keyword within the page, the higher it will rank Over-optimising the webpage and cramming the page with keywords will only result in your website being penalised by search engines. Consider adding 1-2 relevant keywords in the first and last paragraph, but ensure that the content still[continue...]

12:32 pm

5 things Google may not like about your website

Does this sound familiar? You put your heart and soul into your business website, spent weeks perfecting every element and now you find yourself floundering around page 8 of the search results.  Have you searched for your business name, found nothing and wondered where it all went so wrong? I might have the answers as to[continue...]