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7:25 am

Why is Engintron a better solution compared to other Nginx installers for cPanel

There are 8 key differences when comparing Engintron with other Nginx installers for cPanel.First and foremost, caching actually works with Engintron. It works as it should and it works universally. You install it and ALL your cPanel websites will get accelerated, even the slowest ones. Not only that, your serving capacity will increase tremendously. Simple[continue...]

8:05 am

Removing “On Behalf Of” from emails in Outlook sent by PHP and Sendmail in cPanel / EXIM

In the EXIM Configuration Manager - Basic Editor if you change the Set SMTP Sender: headers to ON it will pass an -f flag to Sendmail that will create “On behalf of” notices in Microsoft® Outlook, and can also help track abuse of the mail system since recipients will see the SMTP login used to[continue...]