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7:42 am

10 CSS jQuery Login Registration Free Form Elements

Custom Login Form Styling (5 Style) First login forms comes from Tympanus web design club. There are 5 amazing style login forms for your new projects! Demo | Source Purple – CSS jQuery Login Form Second login form comes from WMAraci web design forum. The login form very beautiful and custom design with purple pink color combinations. Demo | Source Elegant CSS Login[continue...]

12:55 pm

40+ Useful HTML5 Examples and Tutorials

HTML5 examples can be really good inspiration for anyone starting a new web project, after all it is the future of web page markup and we all need to prepare for it. HTML5 is being developed as the next major revision of HTML (HyperText Markup Language). The major market and Internet leaders are already switching[continue...]

1:24 pm

25 Free CSS Form Templates

CSS3 Forms Library Form CSS Simple CSS Form (WittySparks) Complicated CSS Form (WittySparks) Semantic Form CSS Globe – 5 Web Form Styles Clean and Pure CSS Form Beautiful CSS Forms Pretty CSS3 Web Form Pure CSS Web Form Simple CSS Forms Nice & Simple Contact Form RMSforms Formy CSS Frameworks Uni–Form Formee Formalize CSS FAARY[continue...]