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How blogging can help small businesses

Blogging is a great way for small businesses to engage their customers and website visitors and help improve their SEO.Not only does blogging improve your SEO by creating unique content which is loved by Google and Bing,  it also helps with consumer engagement and sharability across social networks.Blogging can be one of the most successful and enjoyable social tools that a business owner can implement. If you have a member of staff who loves to talk shop and lives and breaths your business, then get them to write articles for your company blog.The person must be enthusiastic about the subject matter as this will shine through completely and the readers will become way more attached to your brand and be more likely to share across their network. When readers become fans and share your content you have moved from ‘owned media’ to ‘earned media’. Earned media refers to how a business using the media they own (website and blog) can earn extra attention online (through users sharing their blog posts). And blog posts are by far the simplest way of doing this.Blogs also give you a platform to making announcements about new products, features, new campaigns or telling customer stories. They are far more engaging than a quick status update. You can even use them to rattle your readers a little, prompting them to comment and engage. When customers engage, this often boosts how Google ranks your site – the more natural comment and links, the higher up you can go!So how does blogging boost SEO? It’s not by stuffing your blog posts with keywords that’s for sure. It’s because of the way that people search on Google: using naturally worded sentences. The way that people write a blog is naturally worded and this captures those hits. The more blog posts and comments you have, the more likely you’re going to be found in search engines. If you update your blog regularly, it’s also quite likely that you’ll start getting noticed by industry bodies and become rather respected in your field.So get your business blogging today and watch your ranking climb.

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