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SSL Web Hosting: Helps You Retain The Trust Of Customers

What is SSL Web Hosting?

Developed by Netscape, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is one such global standard security technology.
ssl web hosting
It is a security encryption, a 128-bit encryption to be specific, that works between the web server that hosts your website and the web browser that displays your website at the command of few button clicks by any user worldwide.SSL helps you keep the data that passes through your web server and the browser to remain private and safe and unharmed from cyber criminals.SSL is trusted and adopted by millions of users around the globe for their e-commerce websites. SSL certificates are provided by few Certification authorities who also provide other services and solutions related to the e-commerce industry.Truly called as the golden padlock that keeps your transactions safe and secure, SSL is the bond of trust that helps your augment your business.SSL web hosting is provided by many vendors around the world and you can always take the services of a vendor which gives you the perfect SSL encryption suitable for your needs.With the Internet making its presence felt as the virtual market place, consumers worldwide want to buy goods online without having to visit the local super market.Not only that you get to browse through hundreds of products but you also get to pay for it directly from your credit card or debit card without any problem.The growing love for online transactions has even caused websites to be more vulnerable to hacking and phishing scams.

Why SSL Web Hosting For Your Website?

There are many obvious reasons why you would need to prefer an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) web hosting to a normal website hosting.How would you like to get up one morning to find your online data compromised or misused by others? Online reputation is built over the years with a lot of struggle and perseverance.Anyone can steal your information or even money with only a few codes. This is why internet security is a growing concern among most-alert web users these days.With the World Wide Web open for everyone to access, it becomes easier for data theft or hacking. To protect your much valued information and presence online, you require getting some security applications and guidelines in place.First of all, customer's trust is invaluable and you would not like to be blacklisted by customers if transactions with you are not secured enough.The SSL certification helps you build the confidence of customers in your products and services and your brand remains in their mind as a trustworthy one. Another advantage of SSL certification is the identity assurance and superior brand protection.

How SSL Web Hosting Can Meet The Need Of Enterprises

No matter whether you have an e-commerce website or you are a government organization, a global telecommunication provider or a banking services provider or a global conglomerate, SSL webhosting is going to help you prove yourself at the virtual global marketplace, the internet.This security padlock would enable your customers, affiliates, or associates login to your website and share information and carry out transactions in much protected and secured manner.Even though intranet is secured, it doesn't solve the purpose of global enterprises that need to let users use their services over the internet.When enterprises think about global expansions, reliance on their official websites grows many folds and so is the threat of data theft. Talk about secured web mail servers or online cart systems or purchasing systems or banking transactions, SSL certification would prove your metal over others.

How to Obtain SSL Web Hosting

There are various vendors on the internet who provide SSL web hosting. For a minimal charge you can host your website with a trusted web server and with SSL encryptions in place you can make browsing your website safe and secured.There are certain web-hosting service providers who provide cost-effective SSL certificates. All you need to do is provide certain vital information to them such as your identity proof and location and apply for an SSL certification.Also for getting this, you would need to have a unique IP. You can either buy a dedicated or private server or shared server space to implement SSL encryption.Vendors can also integrate SSL services to your website's control panel directly. This would ensure that even if you are using third party services like PayPal, your customer's transactions are still in safe hands with your website's very own SSL certification.

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